How much does self-storage cost in Sheffield?

Self storage is a great way of keeping your possessions safe and secure when you can’t keep them at home. That might be for a number of reasons: you might have run out of storage space at home but still need all your belongings; you might be going abroad to work for a lengthy period and need somewhere safe to store your things while you’re away; or perhaps you just need a short-term storage solution because you’ve got a gap between moving out of one property and into another.

When looking into the question of what you are likely to pay for self storage, there are inevitably going to be a number of factors that will determine the answer. This month, the team at Greens Removals is going to take an in-depth look at some of the key factors likely to make a difference so that you can determine whether you’re getting value for money. 

Length of storage period

Inevitably, the longer you place your belongings in storage, the more it’s going to cost you. However, if you do need to use a storage facility for a longer period of time, you will usually be able to get a cheaper weekly or monthly rate. When making a booking, make sure you check when these discounts start to kick in so you can get the best possible value.

Size of unit

It’s also not surprising that you’ll pay more per week or per month for a larger unit than for a smaller one. So try and be as precise as you can when working out the space you’ll be needing, as it could make a big difference to the amount you pay.

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As with any other business that has a cost determined by local land and property prices, you’re likely to pay more in certain areas than others. According to the Self Storage Association UK’s May 2021 Annual Industry Report, the average net rental rate is £23.94 per square foot per annum.

However, the average prices for different regions vary significantly. Unsurprisingly, you’ll pay most in the London area (average of £33.06 per square foot per annum), while the cheapest region is West Midlands and Wales (average of £12.24 per square foot per annum). In the Yorkshire & the Humber district, the average price is £18.77 per square foot per annum, which means we’re able to offer some of the best value storage space in the country.


Another factor that may affect your self storage price is the level of security provided by the company running the facility. Here at Greens Removals, we have staff on site 24 hours a day and all of our containers are continually monitored. So, while you might be able to find cheaper storage elsewhere, you may not feel that your possessions are being looked after with quite the same level of care that you’ll get with us!

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At Greens Removals, we have storage facilities that are easily accessible for anyone living in South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire. To get a competitive quote for safe and secure self storage at any of our sites, give our friendly team a call today.